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MISSHA Airy Fit Sheet Mask (Pomegranate)

MISSHA Airy Fit Sheet Mask (Pomegranate)

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MISSHA Airy Fit Sheetmasks without parabens, mineral oil, silicones, alcohol and artificial fragrances and preservatives!

Why are sheetmasks so popular?

  • Environmentally friendly material: safe use is guaranteed by the 100% natural ingredients of the cloth
  • excellent air permeability through thin and light tissue
  • comfort for the skin with excellent adhesion, no dripping or slipping
  • the right mask for every skin type: Water Type, Cream Type and Ampoule Type

How does the face mask work?
A cloth mask that it´s effective active ingredients releases to the skin. The mask adheres itself to the skin due to a lot of moisture.
Rice paper is twice thinner and lighter than normal paper: this makes the mask feel like a second layer of skin.
A great fresh-up thanks to the cold brewing method: active ingredients are released to the skin more safely and with more freshness.

How do I use a cloth mask?

  1. After cleaning the face, prepare the skin with a little toner.
  2. Take the cloth mask out of the packaging, unfold it and lay it on your face by sparing your eyes and mouth.apply
  3. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes before you remove it
  4. Gently pat in the rest of the essence, do not wash off!
  5. Tip: Use leftovers in the bag for your neck, arms or legs!

Which face masks are best for dry skin?
For dry skin, we recommend MISSHA Airy Fit Sheetmasks Water Type.
Which face masks are best for blemished skin, pimples and acne?
We recommend MISSHA Airy Fit Sheetmasks Tea Trea, Aloe and Potatoe.
What face masks do I use for wrinkles?
Against wrinkles and for high-class anti-aging care, use the MISSHA Airy Fit Sheetmasks Cream and Ampoule Type.

Sheetmask WATER Type: Moisturizing and light, watery essence for a refreshing finish.
Aloe: The vegan face mask with aloe vera provides dry skin with a lot of moisture, relieves redness and gives a fresh finish.
Cucumber: The vegan face mask with cucumber extract provides dry skin with a lot of moisture and gives it a real kick of freshness.
Green Tea: The vegan face mask with green tea provides dry skin with a lot of moisture, helps with redness and irritation.
Lemon: The vegan face mask with lemon extract reduces age spots and dark spots on the skin and provides dry skin with a lot of moisture.
Tea Tree: The vegan face mask with tea tree extract soothes sensitive skin and can help with rosacea, pimples and acne.

Sheetmask CREAM Type: Rich, creamy essence for elastic skin full of moisture.
Pearl: Face mask with real pearl extract supplies dry and tired skin with important minerals and gives a magical glow.
Potatoe: Face mask with potato extract gently lightens pigmentations and soothes sensitive skin. In addition, the mask contains many vitamins for a dull complexion
Red Ginseng: Face mask with red ginseng boosts dry skin with vitality and moisture, reduces wrinkles with an immediate effect.
Shea Butter: Face mask with Shea Butter forms a moisture film on the skin, which works effectively against dry skin and makes it pleasantly soft.

Sheetmask AMPOULE Type: Moisturizing and nourishing essence for a smooth and soft skin texture.
Honey: Face mask with honey is full of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids and tightens the skin with an immediate effect.
Pomegranate: The vegan face mask with pomegranate is an all-rounder against wrinkles, for dry skin and redness.
Rice: The vegan face mask with rice extract makes dry skin velvety soft and provides it with important anti-aging nutrients.

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